miBook is a pioneer in imagining and building interactive multimedia platforms that improve people's lives. It creates platforms and content for consumer-facing companies, enabling them to extend and enhance their brands, play a more active and meaningful role in consumers' lives, and generate new revenue streams.

It has created platforms for media and consumer products companies, including leading television networks and book and magazine publishers, and designed platforms for restaurant chains, pro sports venues, and health care providers.

Among its creations are the first interactive multimedia books for tablets, which have made it easier and more fun to cook, decorate, garden, build, repair, and parent. Reactions to miBook’s multimedia book platform:

Associated Press: “miBook is so different it brings into question the definition of ‘book’.”

The New York Times: “Now that the Kindle is giving Gutenberg’s crazy invention a run for its money, maybe devices like miBook will give Amazon’s Jeffrey P. Bezos a run for his.”

Today Show: “It lets you get it right.”

Chicago Tribune: “Darn clever.”